By taking radical responsibility for your own healing, you unveil the high-conscious leader within that our world needs right now. You don’t outrun or outgrow the formative experiences that have shaped who you are. So, it makes sense that your emotional history would also be the foundation of your leadership style. If what got you to this point may now be the very thing that is holding you back, then Heal to Lead was written for you. Everything you’ve read about conscious leadership is based on self-awareness and personal growth, yet the missing link has been trauma healing. If you want greater collaboration with your people, the confidence to inspire growth in your organization, and a more meaningful connection to yourself, your community, and the natural world, it’s time to do the inner work. This book shows you how to develop high-conscious leadership, rooted in deep introspection, vulnerability, compassion, and reciprocity with all beings. Inside, former CEO turned trauma-informed leadership coach Kelly L. Campbell walks alongside you as you unpack and process what’s been buried within your psyche. Integrating your past trauma is the key to unlearning the maladaptive strategies that have kept you subconsciously safe until now. With the resources, personal anecdotes, and reflection questions in this book, you will be better able to regulate your emotions and feel more enlivened as you lead from a place of reclamation. As an indicator of your commitment, your organization will ultimately realize greater stability and success. Discover how trauma lives in the body and can hinder you from accessing your potential. Break strategic patterns in your life that keep you automated, and gain clarity about what you are here to contribute. Develop greater compassion for yourself and others so you can co-create healthy workplace culture and respond productively in difficult situations. Make a lasting, positive impact within your organization and augment your bottom line. Disrupt the default of extractive, patriarchal, and supremacist business practices. Commit to taking part in the restoration of our societal tapestry and global environment. Heal to Lead is a radical departure from the myths that emerging and established leaders like you have been fed for so long. By healing your core wounds, you shed other people’s stories about who you are, releasing the pain and scarcity mindset that keeps you feeling stuck. This liberation finally gives you access to your innate gifts as a leader, and you feel empowered to do the right thing by all as a generative force in the world.