Master the hottest technology around to drive marketing success Marketers are faced with a stark and challenging dilemma: customers demand deep personalization, but they are increasingly leery of offering the type of personal data required to make it happen. As a solution to this problem, Customer Data Platforms have come to the fore, offering companies a way to capture, unify, activate, and analyze customer data. CDPs are the hottest marketing technology around today, but are they worthy of the hype? Customer Data Platforms takes a deep dive into everything CDP so you can learn how to steer your firm toward the future of personalization. Over the years, many of us have built byzantine “stacks” of various marketing and advertising technology in an attempt to deliver the fabled “right person, right message, right time” experience. This can lead to siloed systems, disconnected processes, and legacy technical debt. CDPs offer a way to simplify the stack and deliver a balanced and engaging customer experience. Customer Data Platforms breaks down the fundamentals, including how to: Understand the problems of managing customer data Understand what CDPs are and what they do (and don't do) Organize and harmonize customer data for use in marketing Build a safe, compliant first-party data asset that your brand can use as fuel Create a data-driven culture that puts customers at the center of everything you do Understand how to use AI and machine learning to drive the future of personalization Orchestrate modern customer journeys that react to customers in real-time Power analytics with customer data to get closer to true attribution In this book, you’ll discover how to build 1:1 engagement that scales at the speed of today’s customers.