The Heathen Handbook is a combination of the most important elements of the ancestral folkways of Northern Europe. Regardless of whether it is called Asatru, Odinism, Troth, Forn Sed, or simply Heathenry, the ancient faith of the northlands is based on heritage, kinship, honor, love of the earth, and the belief that we forge our own destiny. Because Heathenry is holistic and touches every aspect of our lives, there is a need for single book that addresses the wide range of subjects that a Heathen needs to know. The Heathen Handbook covers our basic beliefs, history, worldview, ethics, mythology, symbolism, the runes, ritual, and practical ideas about what we can do as individuals and as a community to further our way. There are equal measures of scholarship, practicality, reliance upon tradition, and applications that fit the modern world. The Heathens of Woden's Folk Kindred took information from over a hundred sources as well as many years of living Heathenry to create an effective resource for anyone trying to navigate the tricky path of reconnecting with the ways of our ancestors.In an age of increasing social alienation and cultural decay, Heathenry offers a saner, more fulfilling way to live, and the Heathen Handbook offers a guide to help both novices and experienced Heathens seeking to embrace that life. This fourth edition of the Heathen Handbook contains expanded and revised sections on rituals, as well as much needed corrections and a section addressing women in our faith. This section on women in Heathenry seeks to help bring our faith back into balance with a presentation of influential heathen women from the lore, and a look at the essential and differing roles that women play in our faith.