This is a harrowing and extraordinary story of the camp at Belzec. Unlike Auschwitz, Belzec is not a name we will all recognise but 700,000 Jews perished there over a few short months. One man, Rudolf Reder, escaped and gave an account of the camp. Reder's story is horrifying; his testimony, the horror of what inmates suffered, and how he managed to survive and escape is an important addition to Holocaust literature. He was the only postwar survivor of Belzec. His story is a little-known but remarkable and shocking firsthand account of how the SS organised death on an industrial and inhuman scale. Mark Forstater has tracked it down and it is the centrepiece of his book, a remarkable odyssey into a truly dark death machine. Originally an audio download narrated by David Suchet, this book is in three parts. Part one - A Perfect Killing Machine - is a short introduction to the witness statement of Rudolf Reder. The introduction gives some biographical information about Reder and some essential background on the Nazi death camps. He escaped because he was driven to Lvov to get some spare parts for the gas chambers. His Nazi guards went on a drinking spree.Part Two is the actual witness statement made by Reder in 1946 to the Jewish Historical Commission. Part Three - Discovering Jewish Atlantis - is a personal memoir by Mark Forstater about how he came to produce the book.