An unknown chapter of gambling history in the Golden Age of Las Vegas. The author exposes past crooked casinos and poker games and the people who retaliated against them called crossroaders. It reveals the methods both sides used as seen through the eyes of the author who learned from veteran crossroaders how casinos cheated and how to beat them. He opened slot machines to put up Jackpots, and beat 21 and craps games in every major casino, gambling boat, and cruise ship using doctored dice, hi-tech marking inks, and other methods. He invented a magical sleight-of-hand 21 move that was so deceptive and unexpected that he and a few close friends beat every 21 dealer, casino boss, and surveillance system they faced for fifteen years. Today, crossroaders use his move to beat poker games, and casino card games worldwide. The author's story began in Las Vegas and led to adventures throughout the U.S., Europe, and the Caribbean, where there's intrigue, danger, and celebrity, .