On the eve of a major international AIDS Conference in London, the Conference chair is found dead in suspicious circumstances. Tracking down how he died reveals layers of deception, rivalry and danger for those close to him. 'Imagine Agatha Christie parachuting into the heady world of gay saunas and HIV research, and you're getting close to this delicious, camp and tightly-plotted murder mystery.' - BENJAMIN LAW 'Dennis Altman is a giant in academia and the gay rights movement, and with Death in the Sauna, he brings his insight and deft hand to a crime story that starts with a bang, so to speak, and leads us from the intrigues of a gay sauna into a tangled web of deception, rivalry and danger set against the backdrop of an international AIDS Conference. There could be no better author to take us into this story of secret lives, sexuality, politics and competing agendas. A searing and enjoyable read.' - TARA MOSS 'Altman's novel has a unique setting, a tight plot, and is hugely entertaining. He keeps you guessing right to the end, and you'll learn a lot along the way.' - ROBERT GOTT