A heartbreaking tale of first love, loss and learning to let go. Josh is 16, in year 11 and living a pretty average Aussie high school life, except he refuses to take risks. Parties are a no, alcohol a definite no and talking to his cousin, no chance after what she did. When smart, funny and adventurous Amber steps into Josh's life, he discovers maybe she's what he needed all along to stop being scared and start living. As Josh and Amber tackle each other's fears, their friends envy the couple's late-night picnics, secret hang out spots and dating bucket list. But will this newfound adventure prove Josh's fear of risk was right all along? Could one selfish decision end up breaking their perfect first love story beyond repair? Josh and Amber's story of first love will have you swooning from their first kiss to their deep, vulnerable conversations. As their story unravels, this young adult tearjerker will leave you asking if you could forgive what happened on that night, or if it would hold on to you forever.