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An ant has two stomachs. I know this because my neighbor told me; and to my knowledge he never lied to me. It's fascinating how a person's attitude and feelings about someone, about life in general, can change so much in such a short time. Two months ago I hardly knew the meaning of the word 'time'. Another thing I learned from him: how to view everything from varying objective perspectives; especially with respect to time. If I had it to do over again, I'd have been more inquisitive. My wife Gwen accuses me of asking too many questions, but with him, I couldn't have asked enough. He knew everything. Is it possible to ask someone who knows everything too many questions? But I did ask a lot of questions, and there were always answers. And I liked the answers. They fit. They were logical. They placed everything in perspective and made me see the picture as a whole. I thought you might find it interesting why I thought the only logical thing I could do was kill him.