An urgent manifesto for teams and leaders facing unprecedented challenges, from the bestselling author of Linchpin and Tribes What if we could create the best job someone ever had? What if we had that job? The workplace has undergone a massive shift. Remote work and economic instability have depressed innovation and left us disconnected and disengaged. Paychecks no longer buy loyalty, happiness, and effort. Alarmed managers are responding with harsh top-down edicts, layoffs, surveillance and mandatory meetings. Workers are responding by quiet quitting and working their wage. There is a better answer, a human answer, and it is within everyone’s reach. In The Song of Significance, legendary author and business thinker Seth Godin brings us a powerful vision of how we can change the course. The choice is simple: either we keep treating people as disposable, and join in the AI-fueled race to the bottom—or we come together to build a significant organization that enrolls, empowers, and trusts everyone to deliver their best work, no matter where they are. In Godin's signature style, the book outlines a series of practical yet game-changing commitments we must make, and a list of organizational milestones on the way to significance. This is a book to share with bosses and co-workers, to discuss and put to action. We have a choice to make about how we spend our days, and it’s within our power to make things better – for everyone. Because as Godin writes, “Humans aren’t a resource. They are the point.”