A Vintage Shorts Nonfiction Original One of the most valuable spaces for an artist is the inner life—the sacred place where, outside of the constraints of time and space, meaning is extracted from raw experience and fashioned into art. In this timely new essay, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Richard Russo discusses the work writers do as they sift through experience and work to cultivate rich interior lives. For authors, this often involves performing triage, a constant assessment of events that helps determine what’s useful for a story and potentially enduring. But what is at stake when we perform triage? Is an artist’s interior life an act of generosity or selfishness? Reflecting on a year of reading and meditations on the nature of interiority brought up by a global pandemic and orders to stay at home, Triage is a candid and arresting look at the process that goes into creative work, by one of our most celebrated and bestselling novelists. An ebook short.