A ROUGH TRADE and PITCHORK BOOK OF THE YEAR'A guide to rediscovering the joys of creating that we all felt as children.'NEW YORK TIMESOne of the century's most feted singer-songwriters, Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, digs deep into his own creative process to share his unique perspective about song-writing and offers a warm, accessible guide to writing your first song, championing the importance of making creativity part of your everyday life and experiencing the hope, inspiration and joy that accompanies it.'Fascinating.' ROUGH TRADE'Eloquent.' INDEPENDENT'Nourishing.' PITCHFORK'A proselytiser for the act of songcraft.' FINANCIAL TIMES'A smart, funny, relentlessly practical guide.' GQ'Delightful.' ESQUIRE'Incisigve.' VULTURE'A book written by a musician that doesn't relay autobiographical details in some form of (even loose) chronology is unusual; they typically have their own story to tell and that's it, good or bad. Writing a book that goes some way to explaining the process behind their songwriting is something else altogether. Jeff Tweedy, in How to Write One Song, achieves this.'IRISH TIMES