Riley Jenkins is an ambitious consultant who can't figure out why her firm hasn't promoted her to full partner. She's doing everything humanly possible--working weekends, answering emails immediately, attending every meeting, and sacrificing her personal life. Even so, she loses clients who say they're looking for fresher ideas. But she simply doesn't have time to do more. Pressured to attend a women's leadership retreat, Riley is forced to put her phone down for a silly group cooking exercise. At first, she can't think about anything but her mounting emails. But soon she's fascinated by the mysterious yet kindly conference leader, Juliet. Riley wonders why this woman has such a powerful, calming presence. Over the course of the weekend, Riley tries to figure out Juliet's secret. During a climatic walk on the beach, Juliet finally explains how she's able to achieve so much with such little stress. Vanderkam applies everything she's learned about time-management and work-life balance to this charming and inspiring story.