How to create an organizational culture that promotes brand image and builds customer loyalty Nothing can undermine a brand's reputation or lose a customer faster than a bad customer/brand rep interaction. That's why, as the authors of this groundbreaking book clearly demonstrate, one of the biggest challenges facing top management at brand-reliant companies is to ensure that their whole organization, especially those staff members who interact directly with customers, "live the brand." With the help of case studies chronicling the success (and failure) stories of several international brand giants, the authors develop a comprehensive framework that managers can use to evaluate customer brand expectations and create a branded service culture that meets or exceeds those expectations, every time. Among other things, readers learn proven techniques for enlisting a sales force, call service, shop floor, and even the entire boardroom into doing their parts to promote brand loyalty. Hamish Pringle (London, UK) is a Principal in Brand Beliefs, Ltd. William Gordon (London, UK) works as Partner in Strategy for Accenture, previously Andersen Consulting, in London.