"This is a biography of Thomas Jefferson's life and conflicted moral universe. Jefferson has received increasing historical attention since the late 1990s. Much of the focus on Jefferson has concerned topics including his relationship with his slave Sally Hemings, the "Jefferson Bible," and bitter political rivalries with Alexander Hamilton and many others. Until now, however, no biography has fully explored Jefferson's spiritual beliefs and ethical precepts, and how those ideas did (or did not) sync up with the way Jefferson actually lived. Encapsulated in Jefferson's privileged but fraught life are themes that suffuse American history itself: religious seeking, racial injustice, inspiring ideals, and squalid realities. Employing fresh research in Jefferson's vast papers, Thomas Jefferson: A Biography of Spirit and Flesh shows how deeply the Christian culture of Jefferson's upbringing influenced him. It also reveals how he struggled as an adult to find an adequate replacement for the conventional Christianity of his youth, even as he became more entangled in political feuds, personal debt, and the terrible consequences of slaveowning"--