Presence in the Modern World is Jacques Ellul's most foundational book, combining his social analysis with his theological orientation. Appearing first in French in 1948, and later in English as The Presence of the Kingdom, it has reached the statusof a classic that retains all of its relevance dealing with today's challenges. How should we respond to such complex forces as technology or the state? How can we communicate with one another, despite the problems inner to modern forms of media? Dowe have hope for the future of our civilisation? Ellul responds by describing how a Christian's unique presence in the world can make a difference. Instead of acting as 'sociological beings', we must commit ourselves to the kind of revolution that will occur only when we become radically aware of our present situation and undertake 'a ferocious and passionate destruction of myths'. In this way, states Ellul, we become the medium for God's action in the modern world.