"Popular culture is saturated with claims to a science of human life. Demographics are said to predict how you'll vote; chemicals in your brain who you'll date; game-like scenarios how you'll spend your money; and genes what you'll think. This book explores this flood of scientism as it has spread in the last fifty years into almost all facets of daily existence. You'll discover how popular pseudoscience has radically changed the world we live in-in spheres as different as dating, economics, politics, and artificial intelligence. The abuse of popular scientific authority has had catastrophic consequences, contributing to the 2008 financial crisis; the failure to predict the rise of Donald Trump; increased tensions between poor communities and the police; and the side lining of non-scientific forms of knowledge and wisdom. But you also will learn a way out of the superstition and ideology of scientism. This book introduces readers to a movement called the "hermeneutic" or interpretive approach that promises to free ordinary people from the tyranny of pseudoscience. An interpretive approach to human life offers a way to become a better reader of both the many claims to science around you as well as the cultural spaces you inhabit and help create"--