In this sequel to bestselling The Visual Miscellaneum, author David McCandless reveals unexpected—and much needed—positive developments from around the world. David McCandless creates simple, elegant ways to see and understand complex, abstract, and often obscured information important to our lives. A specialist in infographics. McCandless cuts through the noise of data overload, creating visually stunning displays that not only make facts comprehensive, but illuminates their connections and adds context, making information meaningful in beautiful and entertaining way. Designed in David McCandless’s signature style. Beautiful News focuses on fascinating positive developments at a time when the world has never seemed more dangerous and unpredictable. McCandless draws from philosophy, spirituality, ecology, society, technology, history, science, economics, and pop culture, to reveal positive trends and developments, from the invention of a breakthrough device that uses ocean forces to clean plastic from the world’s seas, to a new method of converting donated blood to the crucial “O” negative type that can be used universally. In cutting edge graphs, charts, and illustrations, David McCandless creatively visualizes unexpected and compelling relationships between diverse data sets. Among his surprising findings: almost 250 US cities have remained in the Paris Accord; there are more female CEOs in the world than ever before; a new vaccine has been developed to help protect bees; Zika is disappearing from the Americas. At a time when we are besieged by disturbing events, Beautiful News is the antidote to brighten the darkest day—a shot of positivity and good cheer that will lift the spirts and provide sorely needed hope about our world in a way never before seen.