“In a league with Jan Karon’s Mitford series . . . readers who seek pleasant, witty and occasionally poignant fiction will delight in this book.” —Publishers Weekly It’s another bustling year in the lives of this quirky Quaker community. Dale Hinshaw is back and floating another of his crackpot ministry schemes—this time, quite literally, with his Salvation Balloons project. Pastor Sam Gardner’s wife, Barbara, the 1977 Tenderloin Queen, wins a trip to the Caribbean and thinks she might just go without her workaholic husband. Deena Morrison struggles with being single and alone, while the Friendly Women’s Circle strategizes on how they can “help” her. Jimmy Muldock has a secret only his mother knows, though the ever-curious Furnace Committee is bent on discovering it. Throughout it all, three things are certain: the Friendly Women’s Circle will make more noodles, Dale Hinshaw will push Sam Gardner to the end of his pastoral rope, and the good in human nature will just nudge out the bad. Filled with master storyteller Philip Gulley’s trademark humor and depth of insight, this wise, joyous novel will delight and satisfy both those who know and love Harmony and those who are just discovering it. “Welcome back to a place where the stories are rich and the folks are familiar. Welcome back to the signs and wonders uncovered in small-town life. Welcome back to Gulley’s great writing. Welcome back to Harmony!” —Lynne Hinton, national bestselling author of Pie Town “Evokes a convincing sense that there is at least a spark of goodness in almost everyone . . . [a] wise and gentle book.” —Arkansas Democrat Gazette “A celebration of small-town life.” —Woman’s Day